The History Of Best Pest Control

Dan and Cheryl Sippy

Best Pest Control was started in 1985 by founder Dan Sippy. Recently separated from United States Army as an officer with the Airborne Rangers, he came home to the Boise Idaho area and took a job working for the United States Postal Service. To supplement his income Dan who had his degree in Biology and Entomology registered with the Department of Agriculture and became licensed as a Pest Control Specialist. He began picking up small spray jobs that his wife would schedule for him for after work or on the weekend. His lovely wife Cheryl managed his clients and ran the business for a good many years, and was instrumental in developing a well-respected brand and an effective marketing strategy. Over the years Dan and Cheryl developed a very loyal client base and took the opportunity to employ their children to manage the ever increasing demand of their services.

Dan and Cheryl built their business on the principal that if you treat people with honesty and integrity, they will treat you right. Dan always made it a point to take care of his elderly clients and especially his elderly widowed clients that lived on an extremely fixed income. He would often take cookies or homemade sandwiches as payment and proved that his highest priority was his client’s needs and not on making a ton of money.

As the years went by, Dan distinguished himself within the State of Idaho as an expert in his field. He became revered within the local Pest Control industry because of his vast amount of knowledge and experience with all aspects of the business. Dan was quick to take advantage of opportunities to share his knowledge with others. Other companies would often call him to help identify issues and troubleshoot problems.

Jeremy Johnson

In 2014 as he drew closer to retirement age, Dan decided he needed to hand select someone he could trust to run his business with the same level of quality and integrity that he had established. Jeremy Johnson and his brother had started and operated Bug Boyz Pest Control in the Treasure Valley. They had managed to build an incredible reputation of being very honest, and making sure their clients were well taken care of. In 2015 they merged initially creating a new company name and then deciding they should stick with Best Pest Control because of the incredible reputation that the company had built.

Today, Best Pest Control is dedicated to maintaining the legacy of Customer Care and Quality of Service that their clients have been accustomed to. Dan focuses his time on Technician training and education within the company, and is often relied upon to help troubleshoot and treat extreme conditions that require his expertise.

Best Pest Control is committed to leading the industry in Safe, Effective, and Environmentally Responsible treatments. We ensure our Technicians use the best products on the market and utilize the most effective methods to treat your home and business. Our commitment to Integrity, Quality of Service, and Incredible Client Care remain the same.

"Waging War On Vermin!!"

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