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Spring is here, and it has been one of the mildest winters in recent history.  What does that mean to you here in the Treasure Valley?  It means buckle up, because spiders, ants, earwigs and rodents are going to be out in full force.  Any time we experience a mild winter in Boise Idaho, people always start calling us asking when is the best time to start spraying to get rid of infestations of Pests.  The truth is the earlier you start the better.  Though there is never really a bad time to start, the sooner you get active pesticide into place the sooner you will start seeing results and getting rid of your spiders and other pests.  We typically come out the first time and spray your home, and then return for a follow up treatment in about 4 weeks to break the egg cycle.  Once we have broken the egg cycle, we will come out on a quarterly schedule and inspect for spider activity and look for signs of ants and all other pests.  After we have inspected we will reapply pesticide to ensure you don't experience any infestations.  Our highly trained technicians are exceptional at using the most effective pesticides based on the unique situations that you have at your home.  Give us a call at 208-362-5802 and talk to one of our very experienced staff members about any questions you might have, and we look forward to earning your business.

Jeremy Johnson

Owner Best Pest Control

We Are Sponsoring a Little Leage Baseball Team!!  Go HAWGS!!

Best Pest Control is very excited to announce that we are sponsoring an incredible Little League Baseball team!  The South West Ada HAWGS are coached by a military buddy of the owner of Best Pest Control, and they requested that we not only sponsor, but also provide our famous Best Pest Piggie as a mascot!  Kevin Hambone Bacon will be attending as many local games as possible, and we are excited to route on our HAWGS!!!  If you would like to help sponsor the Hawgs, give us a call at the office and we can get you in touch with the coach! 

The Best Pest Control Team!


What to Expect on Your First Pest Control Service From     Best Pest Control

Best Pest Control has developed the most effective system in eliminating your pests and keeping them gone.  For residential homes in Idaho, our climate is perfect for many pests including spiders, ants, earwigs, and rodents.  Our winters are relatively mild, and our summers are warm and usually don't move outside of the 65-100 degree range.  These are the sweet spot ranges for most insects and rodents that are classified as pests.  Through over 30 years of providing The Best Pest Control Service in the Treasure Valley we have fine tuned our exceptional services to maximize our effectiveness keeping our prices in a very reasonable range.  Best Pest Control initially comes out assesses your home and inspects your property to identify what pests you have and where they are coming from.  Each property is unique and experiences different pressures from pests based on what environment your home is in.  

Best Pest Control sets up its clients on a quarterly pest control program for optimal coverage from the best pesticides on the market.  Our experienced Pest Control technicians will come out for your initial service and treat the interior, exterior, garage and crawl space if applicable.  They will also deweb your home and knock down any hornets nests that may be in your eaves.  They will also granulate your yard out to 30 feet to make sure any ants, spiders, earwigs, and other pests are not living in your landscaping.  They will also inspect for mice and other rodents and treat accordingly.  

After your initial service, our pest control specialist will return for your first quarterly service 4 weeks later to reapply fresh pesticide and break the egg cycle.  This 4-6 week time frame for your first quarterly service is critical to ensure any pests that might be hatching out are eliminated before reaching adulthood and laying more eggs.  Each quarterly service will include deweb bing as needed, fresh application of pesticide to the exterior of your home and landscaping, granulation of 30 foot perimeter to your home and treating your fence line out to 50 feet away from your home.  Interior treatments are free, and are performed as needed/ requested.  Crawl space and garage treatments are also performed as needed.  

Between your regularly scheduled Pest Control Services, should you experience any issues that are not expected or part of our pest control strategies, we will return free of charge and treat the effected areas as needed.

winter month services are critical for our pest control strategies to be effective.  During the winter months we focus on crawl spaces, garages and interiors, where many rodents, spiders and ants take refuge from the cold.  We also actively treat cracks and crevices where ma y insect pest like to hide to ride out the winter.  Our specifically formulated pesticides are designed to be applied to cracks and crevices during winter months.  We also apply specific pesticides designed to prevent ants in the spring.

Customer sservice and satisfaction are our number one priority, and we strive hard to create a relationship of trust with each of our clients.  We appreciate your business, and look forward to answering any questions you might have

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