For over 20 years, we have served the Treasure Valley and surrounding areas with various pest control services. We cover a broad spectrum of species and only use EPA approved products. From termite inspections and larvae infestations, to weekly, monthly, and annual programs... they can be customized to fit your budget and your needs.

Residential Pest Control

You’ve worked hard to own your home! It represents years of sacrifice as you have invested much of your hard earned money into your home and property. Don’t let unsightly spider webs and the presence of pests distract from the pride you put into owning your home.

Best Pest Control recognizes that every home presents unique circumstances that play into keeping your home pest free. We will meet with you, or speak to you over the phone to discuss your homes specific pest control needs, and establish a game plan to ensure you and your family can enjoy a pest free home and yard.

Best Pest Control Is a leader in combining state of the art technology with the most up to date techniques and cutting edge products. At Best Pest Control we make sure that you are receiving the greatest value and getting the best results for all of your pest control needs.

Unlike other companies that treat every home and every issue the same, we recognize that each home is unique and every pest issue is not the same. Before any service is performed our highly skilled and licensed pest control technicians perform a comprehensive inspection, and evaluates the many different factors contributing to the pest issue that you are dealing with. The technician can then evaluate the most effective way to treat your home, giving you the results and peace of mind you are looking for.

Commercial Pest Control

You are a professional. You run a professional business with professional employees. Don’t let unsightly webs, or the presence of pests distract from the level of professionalism you have worked so hard to build.

Best Pest Control knows that if pests are present at your business it can run the risk of impacting your employee's and customer's health, as well as your reputation. We will meet with you and discuss not only the most appropriate manner to treat your business.

We combinine your treatment with state of the art iCAP technology and cutting edge products with the most up to date techniques. At Best Pest Control we make sure that you are receiving the greatest value and getting the best results for all of your pest control needs.

"We make it our business to keep pests out of your business."

Structural Pest Control

Structural pest control is the control of household pests such as rodents, insects, wood-destroying pests, and other vermin which may invade households or structures. The places where pests are often left alone to colonize can include railroad cars, storage containers, boats, docks, trucks, airplanes, and even the contents within them.

Best Pest Control can identify almost any infestation within or around your home while keeping those infections spreating to nearby buildings and neighboring properties. Through our extensive inspection process and signature Verminator Defense System, we can ensure the longevity and structural integrity of your home and your property for years to come.

Ornamental Pest Control

The appearance of turf may seem to get all the attention, but landscape ornamentals can be just as critical. Just wait until a tree dies, or gets covered with tent caterpillars. Or the annuals you were banking on for a big splash of color become infested with mites or some disease that ruins the bloom. Such problems bring home the importance of healthy, pest-free ornamentals, and how ornamental pest problems can ruin a landscape's appearance.

Integrated pest management in ornamentals depends heavily on choosing plants that tolerate prevalent pests, as well as maintaining plants in a healthy, vigorous condition. If you address these two issues, you will reduce or eliminate many pest problems. Still, it's inevitable that some outbreaks will occur, and when they do, you need a way to control them.

Maintenance Programs

After reviewing all the notes from previous check-ins or from the initial appointment, one of our pest control technicians will come out to treat any infestations. At Best Pest Control, we value the importance of a pest-free property. When you opt into a pest maintenance program, we are diligent to check and treat for any type of pest, even if it’s a different species than the one you initially called us for!

When our technicians arrive, they will complete the following tasks:

  • Empty and refill bait boxes.
  • Full property inspection: An inspection of the crawl space, attic, baseboards, kitchen, and other hidden areas will ensure the home is free from other infestations.
  • Fully inspect home exterior
  • Properly treat new infestations
  • Remove potential food sources
  • De-web eaves, windows, porches, stairs: Removing these webs exposes areas where spiders might sit, nest, or hide their egg sacs.

One pest problem can quickly become the source of another, major pest infestation. For example, a rodent carcass can attract flies or ants which, in turn, will attract spiders. Before you know it, your rodent infestation has evolved into an insect infestation in the walls of your home.

To prevent this from happening, homeowners can pay an initial fee of approximately $350 (depending upon the type and size of your property) to have a technician returns every 60 days to check everything. This means a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of your home and pest treatment for any recurrence or new pest problems. This extensive and thorough inspection costs only $90 per visit.

If the infestation is back in the 60 day interval, we charge no additional fees to redo the project. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with thorough and affordable pest solutions to secure and protect your home from invaders.

Pest Remediation & Exclusion


Remediation begins with physically preventing the rodents from entering the area targeted for control. Rodent proofing or "building them out" is a critical step in any comprehensive rodent control program. Once the exclusionary measures are completed, the technician then traps the rodents already inside the structure.

With the structure secure and all rodents trapped and removed, the pest professional then proceeds to remove all nesting materials and any other dead rodents found. He then sanitizes all affected surfaces, and applies a residual material to eliminate pests associated with rodents, such as cockroaches, carpet beetles and feasting insects, such as fleas, ticks & mites that can transmit disease to others living in the structure.

INSPECTION begins with a customer interview, followed by a thorough visual inspection for pest IDENTIFICATION and DETERMINATION of a course of action. Inspection includes the interior and exterior of the structure. The pest professional looks for entry points, nesting sites and food sources. He makes thorough notes of all findings and always invites the customer to participate in the inspection process. He then develops a graph and site plan that outlines his findings.

Wildlife Management


Best Pest Control offers an a wide range of nuisance wildlife management services including the humane removal and exclusion of bats, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, skunks, foxes, groundhogs and other animals. In addition to removing nuisance wildlife from your home or structure, we also determine how the animal entered and perform exclusion (sealing of entry points) to ensure that your home will remain free of uninvited house guests.

Nesting material, soiled insulation, animal waste and other unsanitary elements can be effectively removed by our team of wildlife specialists and environmental enzymatic remediation measures can be employed to remove potential health hazards. This is of particular importance when dealing with nuisance birds such as sparrows, starlings and pigeons as they carry ectoparasites and their feces contain micro-organisms that can adversely affect your health. In addition, because we are a full service licensed pest control company, pesticides can be applied to eliminate bird mites that will readily feed on humans in the absence of the host birds following removal.

Our procedures include:

  • Inspection to determine animal species, points of entry, and nesting area.
  • Humane and non-lethal removal of the animal(s) using catch and release poles, non-lethal traps, deterrent materials and/or one way doors.
  • If the animal is permitted to be released off site it is relocated to an approved area.
  • If the animal can’t be relocated by state regulation (applies to animals that potentially carry rabies, except bats), exclusion will be performed and they’ll be released on site. Unhealthy animals will be euthanized.
  • Exclusion services will be performed in a professional craftsman-like manner to restore the aesthetic integrity compromised by wildlife infestations.

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